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How did fcOnTheWeb come into being?

Certain local environment factors mean that a suitable test area for trying out new, interesting things is not available. As a solution to this, some web space was acquired and fcOnTheWeb was born.

What is fcOnTheWeb?

fcOnTheWeb started out, and still is, a place for the developer to try out new and interesting things on the Internet.

So now with this portal into the world, why not share the love? Once new, exciting technologies are researched, explored and played with, why not write up about how others can implement them as well? And hopefully this write-up can lead to a better understanding for all of us.

Who is fcOnTheWeb?

At present, fcOnTheWeb is designed and run solely by a single web developer, ferrari_chris, based in New Plymouth, New Zealand, tirelessly toiling away behind a computer screen night and day in an effort to conquer the mystery that is The Internet.

When other people are involved in the development or maintenance of fcOnTheWeb, credit will certainly be duly given. You can play some part in the evolution of the site, by contacting us through the contact page and providing your ideas and thoughts. We would love to hear from you!

What's that name all about?

The name is an interesting one, but it applies on more than one level. Originally, it would have been nice to have ferrari_chris.com. However, as underscores cannot be used in domain names that was out of the question. So my initials (fc) were the next best thing. And, as this is my space on the web, that seemed quite fitting. It also fits nicely with the fact the subject of this site is The Internet and its technologies.

What is the future for fcOnTheWeb?

The future for fcOnTheWeb, as we see it, is to continue researching and writing about web technologies. As these technologies become available, some will more than likely be added to the site itself. So, fcOnTheWeb is an evolving entity, with each iteration hopefully being better than the last.

Development and testing?

fcOnTheWeb has been developed with Adobe® Fireworks®CS3, Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS3 and Adobe® Flash® CS3 Professional. It runs on a LAMP architecture, and has been tested and proven to work in multiple versions of a variety of browsers:

Logos of technologies used on fcOnTheWeb

Standards compliance?

We have made every effort to have all XHTML and CSS used on fcOnTheWeb to be standards compliant to the latest XHTML and CSS standards. After validating our source through the W3 validator we feel we have earnt the right to wear these badges.

Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional Valid CSS!

If you're having any problems using fcOnTheWeb, don't hesitate to let us hear about it through our contact page. We consider problems like that unacceptable.

Environmentally friendly?

We use a carbon neutral web host which has a tree planting scheme to offset its carbon footprint and the amount of electricty it uses. You should ask your web host about being carbon neutral and seek out providers that are.

fcOnTheWeb is currently designed with a dark colour to offset an extra electricity usage by displaying the site in your monitor, similar to Blackle.

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